Under the chemical technology platform, there are mainly chemical research room and chemical analysis room
  • 01 Chemistry Platform

    Under the chemical technology platform, there are mainly chemical laboratories and chemical analysis rooms, with an elite team of medicinal chemistry and advanced R & D equipment. A high-end technology platform with high efficiency and high strain such as enzyme catalysis, continuous flow and separation and preparation has been constructed, which can undertake the R & D services of APIs, advanced intermediates and customized chemicals of large pharmaceutical factories at home and abroad.

  • 02 Pharmaceutical Technology Platform

    Under the pharmaceutical technology platform, there is an API room, analysis room and preparation room, a professional and efficient pharmaceutical R & D team has been established, a perfect drug R & D system has been established, the instruments and equipment are complete, and there are many characteristic high-end drug development technology platforms such as chiral complex drug synthesis and separation technology platform, complex drug preparation development platform and crystal salt screening platform.

  • 03 Innovative drug platform

    Under the innovative drug platform, there are synthesis room and pharmacology room, with R & D basic laboratory, clean animal room, cell room and enzyme activity detection laboratory, which is a matching for R & D activity screening of innovative drugs. The platform uses advanced computer-aided drug design technology, combined with efficient synthetic screening team and professional pharmacological research team, to build a diversified new drug product pipeline for the company.

  • 04 Clinical Medicine Platform

    Under the clinical medical platform, there are innovative drug clinical room, generic drug BE room and medical room. There is a professional and high-quality clinical study team. The project manager has rich experience and excellent quality of monitors. It can provide diverse types, flexible models and customized clinical services. It has established a good cooperation relationship with nearly 100 clinical centers nationwide, and has a number of strategic cooperation bases for phase I clinical study.

    05 Drug Substance CDMO Manufacturing Platform

    06 Manufacturing Production CDMO Platform


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