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31 2017-08

Jiangsu Vcare Held “Team Building Training” Activity

Jiangsu Vcare held “Team Building Training” activity in the town of Chaxi at the end of August. The activity was divided into several parts and each task is completed within specified time. Participants need to communicate and coordinate with team awareness.
31 2017-08

Jiangsu Vcare Held Ten Kilometers Run Activity

87 participants arrived at the main entrance of Xuanwu Lake to participate in a ten-kilometer running activity after warm-up at 7 o'clock on August 31. Six colleagues on a business trip in Hainan and seven colleagues on a business trip in Xi'an also actively participated in the running at the local. Everyone completed the ten-kilometer running after one hour and a half and was very happy to give a test to our physical fitness through the running.
23 2017-08

Jiangsu Vcare Was Honored as Jiangbei New Area Lingque Enterprise

In 2017, the list of “Lingque” enterprises in Jiangbei New District of Nanjing was announced and Jiangsu Vcare Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the list. “Lingque” enterprises project aim to select a group of innovative SMEs with high growth in Jiangbei district and provide the selected enterprises with one-stop support such as equity investment, emergency turnover, loan interest subsidy, R&D subsidies, and etc.. To be successfully selected into the “Lingque” enterprises program is an inspiration to the company. Vcare keep integrating various resources to quickly become bigger and stronger to contribute to the development of Jiangbei New Area.
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