Leaders Oration

Leaders Oration


Chairman Yongqiang Liu

People of Vcare adhere to the concept of "The better Care, The better Medicines", pay attention to quality, enhance their own value, and lay the foundation for the company's long-term development. People of Vcare pay attention to innovation, improve core competitiveness, and contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Vcare devotes itself to drug research and development with independent intellectual property rights and closely integrate advanced chemical technology with global market demand. Vcare makes full use of advantages in scientific and technological research and development, and gradually turn our brilliant business blueprint into reality. In the development wave of the pharmaceutical and health industry, Vcare will ride the waves and stand at the forefront!

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CEO Yanchun Gong

In the era of medical innovation, Vcare continues to develop medical products with independent intellectual property rights in combination with clinical needs and solve medication problems for patients. At the same time, in the era of service economy, it is the unswerving philosophy of Vcare to provide one-stop full-process drug research and development services based on customers’ needs. Vcare promotes "independent innovative drugs" with "characteristic generic drugs" on the basis of research and development and guided by industrialization and marketization, to reduce research and development costs through the relevance of business areas, and cut operational risks through the diversity of business modules. We continue to put emphasis on independent innovation and opening up to the outside world on the way to the future, and we sincerely look forward to working with you.


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