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The company always insists on "people-oriented", firmly believes that human resources are the core of all resources of enterprises. Excellent talents are the valuable wealth of the company, but also the fundamental impetus for the sustainable and rapid development of the company.

With a relaxed and united working atmosphere and young and vigorous working team, the company attracts many returnees, senior management talents and many professionals to form the most passionate entrepreneurial team.

"It is short and long", and the right person needs to be placed in the right position in order to truly play its role. Our managers are good at finding the expertise and potential of each employee, so that each employee is in the best working state.

There is no point in the job. All employees of the company, no matter the level of position and no matter what position, are equal in personality. Employees in any position are respected for their ability to achieve results, as long as they are serious, dedicated, dedicated and strive to improve their work and improve their efficiency.

The company follows the employment standard of "both moral and talent, taking moral first". People and good professional ethics are the primary factors for the selection and employment of employees and management personnel in Jiangsu Weikal, and integrity, responsibility, cooperation and enterprising are our common pursuit.


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